Understanding Healthcare: A Historical Perspective

This book was written with a historical perspective so that the reader will gain a clear understanding of the misconceptions and accidents of history that have led to our present dysfunctional healthcare situation. To most people the American healthcare system is a confusing maze of inefficient complexity. I explain how this happened and what we should do about it. The reader will also learn about the scientific method, one of man’s greatest achievements, the Enlightenment, the development of medical schools in the U.S and the initial positive influence of the AMA that has since gone astray. The beginning of U.S. medical licensure and the questionable industry it has morphed into is explored. Misguided attempts to diminish the numbers of uninsured are also explained.

We must understand the forces at work and the false starts trying to achieve the so far elusive goal of insuring that all Americans have access to comprehensive care at a price society can afford, the purpose of this book.

Kenneth A. Fisher, M.D. 
Physician, Nephrology Consultant, Author, Co-Founder MI Free Market Med. Assoc.